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September 8, 2009

Growing up.

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What does that mean?When do i know it has happened? I dont know so I dont care.Anyways looking at the trailers of Wake up Sid and listening to the songs I guess the director is pretty clear about his thoughts here.Hoping to catch it on Gandhi Jayanthi.Best songs: Kya karoon,iktara,wake up sid.Amit Trivedi is just gettin betta with every song he composes.Becoming a fan.Iktara is his,rest by SEL.

Anbe Sivam.

Om Shanthi Om.


August 15, 2009


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Independent cinema – not given its due.

Independent people – never given their due.

Remember watching mangal pandey on independence day-the day it released.the koshtin which finally emerged at the end of the history lesson.are we using the independence achieved after such a massive struggle properly? Now at a time when friendship day is celebrated and text msgs are charged on such an auspicious day.Independence day is celebrated with a few Action King Arjun movies.Anyways.Happy Independence Day!

Jai Ho!

Anbe Sivam!

Om Shanthi Om!

August 14, 2009

Kaminey Kisko Bola!?!

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And one of the most intelligent scripts has hit the screens.Long overdue.Massu writing.Wanted me to stay glued to the comfy economy class seats at Sathyam.Damn why did this mindf*** end?

A must watch.One of the beshtu i have eva seen.Period.

Anbe Sivam!

Om Shanthi Om!

July 19, 2009

Inspiration galore!!!

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The original from my most favourite movie till date-Pulp Fiction!

Then came the usage by the Karuppu Kannu Pattani’s!

And at last comes the usage in hindi cinema.Its fantabulous.Waiting in anticipation for the movie.Kaminey is acc to reports Tarantino meets Greengrass.Whattay heady mixture!

PS: Dont miss Pehli Baar Mohabbat from Kaminey.Amassing song.Mohit Chauhan is my new favourite voice![:)]

Jai ho!

Om Shanthi Om!

Anbe Sivam!

June 26, 2009


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Nah not a post on Hero Honda mobikes.An emotion which distinguishes the good from the best.The original from the millions of ripoffs we meet.The pioneer from the inspired.And MJ was one truly passionate artist.The best of his times.The one who spawned a million inspirations.The one who made people go ballistic with just the wave of a hand.Hes moved on to the ultimate moonwalk.A thriller,he was dangerous!All Hail MJ!RIP!

June 10, 2009

May the force be with you!

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Star Wars fanatic not.Not even seen one episode.Been watching movies day in and day out.Tried torrenting down Up five times.Sixth time lucky in the sixth month of the year(Satanic Curse or blessing?).Its time for those nasty semester e-jams again.Hope to do really well.Studies for physics start tomorrow.I have realized how much i miss this blog when I don’t type anything in it. Kinda borrowed that line from Amitabh Bachchan.Man he writes religiously.Not for the past few days ever since the Pa look released.Two letter title again.Well there it goes.I guess I can hear the entire blogosphere shouting out to me wishing for my success.What is it thatch you are saying again? “May the force be with you.” You all shout!Thaengs guys! 😉

Jai ho!(in contention for the one millionth word in the Inglis dictionary)

Om Shanthi Om! (Could have made it had it won the oscars :-P)

Anbe Sivam!


Leaving you with a youtube video i guess was an inspiration for Up.Probably not. 😀

May 26, 2009


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Not so long ago I worte an entry on Expressions.Today I feel the best way to put forth a message is through animation.Pixar is the most reliable oscar winner generating studio in the world.Animation has come a long way today from the Toy Story days.Its only getting bigger and better.Sad that it has not caught on in India where anyway most heroes and heroines are caricatures.I havent seen most animation movies.But i have loved almost every animation movie I have seen.Will catch up with almost all of them soon.Latest example of classic animation have been the zoo zoo ads from Vodafone.Brilliant idea.Express.Animate!

Jai Ho!

Anbe Sivam!

Om Shanthi Om!

May 25, 2009

Young Miners 69’ers!!!

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Notice the co incidental jersey numbers.Indias future is in safe hands.Or probably jus too much vetti scene from my end.Anyways I like the way this fella bats.Tough luck at the finale.Deccan I feel deserved this title! Also liked Warner,Ojha.Missed Shaun Marsh from last years IPL.Rohit Sharma is a bit over-rated.Won Under 23 thaengs to some Mumbai influence.Where were the bowlers? Who is the Fake IPL player? Hope Chennai wins next time around.So long IPL 2!!!Loved the African Safari.Lalit Modi has pulled it off.Cya in India fellas!

P.S:Damn it Manmohan had to compromise on his cabinet.I just wish they got rid Karu’s influence.They dont need him.Pull the plug on the old bloke mate!!!

May 22, 2009

Million thoughts!

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I have a lotta thoughts running in my mind at the moment.Dont know if I should pen them all down either. The love for it neva seems to fade much like my love for a few other people and things in my life!

Screenwriting.Studies.Relationships.Every thing nowadays seems to be making me think more.And gain something out of everything.Neva felt this liberated and this want to do strive for great things earlier.But the point still remains Where/What do i do now?

Jai Ho!

Anbe Sivam!

Om Shanthi Om!

MS Appice Re-Installed!

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So the UPA is back in power.Though this is not some breaking news like on CNN-IBN,which prefers to show off that it got its survey right 24 hours before the verdict.Damn these news channels are so irritating at times.They kept talking about the same issue over and over again.This was one election which didn have many issues to attack the government with?What about terrorism? Anyways I much like Kamal Hasan couldn find my name on the voters list.(:P) Karu after the results wanted to cabinet posts for family members.MS knew that Indias future depended on safer genuine hands which could help bring about greater development.So no tainted or controversial ministers.Karu in a catch 22.Cant get TR Baalu and A Raja in howeva close they may be to his no. of wives for if he adds pressure,Congress can pull the plug on the govt. back home.AIADMK with lesser ministerial aspirations can come back in.Anyways a verdict for stable and continued growth.I support MS.This MS Office though has its task cut out without the Lefts arm twisting tactics helping it gain a better image with the voters.No Sympathy after this term.If they dont perform RG’s PM aspirations will perish!

Jai ho!

Anbe Sicam!

Om Shanthi Om!

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